Frequently Asked Questions

Python 2 & 3 Support

  • What versions of Python does cdl_convert support?

    cdl_convert works in Python 2.6 through 3.4 and PyPy. A full test suite runs continuous integration through, coverage through, and code quality checked with Code is PEP 8 compliant, with docstrings following google code docstring standards.

  • Really? It works on both Python 2 and 3? And PyPy?

    Yes. No conversion or modification needed.

CDL Format Support

  • Why don’t you support format X?

    I either haven’t had time to build a parser for the format yet, or I might even be unaware it exists. Perhaps you should drop by the issues page and create a request for the format? If creating a request for a format it helps immensely to have a sample of that format.

Project Structure

  • Why the underscore?

    cdl_convert started as a simple script to convert from one format to another. As such, it wasn’t named with the standards that one would usually use for a python module. By the time the project became big enough, was on PyPI, etc, it was too spread out on the web, in too many places to make changing easy. In the end, I opted to keep it. At some point, cdl_convert might migrate into a larger, more generic film & tv python module, which will be named properly.