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cdl_convert converts between common ASC CDL formats. The American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL, or CDL for short) is a schema to simplify the process of interchanging color data between various programs and facilities.

The ASC has defined schemas for including the 10 basic numbers in 5 different formats:

  • Avid Log Exchange (ALE)
  • Film Log EDL Exchange (FLEx)
  • XML Color Correction (cc)
  • XML Color Correction Collection (ccc)
  • XML Color Decision List (cdl)

Unofficial Formats:

  • OCIOCDLTransform, a Foundry Nuke node
  • Space separated CDL, a Rhythm & Hues internal cdl format

It is the purpose of cdl_convert to convert ASC CDL information between these basic formats to further facilitate the ease of exchange of color data within the Film and TV industries.

cdl_convert supports parsing ALE, FLEx, CC, CCC, CDL and RCDL. We can write out CC, CCC, CDL and RCDL.

cdl_convert is not associated with the American Society of Cinematographers


New in version 0.9.2:

  • Fixed a bug where ALE’s with blank lines would not convert correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing cdl_convert from being correctly installed in Python 2.6
  • Fixed continuous integration testing.
  • No longer officially supporting Python 3.2, as I’ve had to remove it from our CI builds. It should still work just fine though, but we won’t be running CI against it.

New in version 0.9:

  • Added ability to parse CMX EDLs
  • Fixed a script bug where a collection format containing color decisions will not have those color decisions exported as individual color corrections.
  • Fixed a bug where we weren’t reading line endings correctly in certain situations.
  • Added a stub file to the package root level, which will allow running of the cdl_convert script without installation. Due to relative imports in the python code, it was no longer possible to call cdl_convert/ directly.
  • The script, when run directly from, will now write errors to stderror correctly, and exit with a status of 1.

New in version 0.8:

  • Added –single flag. When provided with an output collection format, each color correction in the input will be exported to it’s own collection.
  • Giving a ColorCorrection a non-duplicate ID now works unless the --halt flag is given. This means that incoming collections that contain duplicate IDs will not fail out.

New in version 0.7.1:

  • Fixed bug where ALE’s without ‘Scan Filename’ fields could not parse correctly.

New in version 0.7:

The biggest change in 0.7 is the addition of collection format support. .ccc, Color Correction Collections, can now be parsed and written. .cdl, Color Decision Lists, can now be parsed and written. .ale and .flex files now return a collection.

  • New script flags:
    • Adds --check flag to script, which checks all parsed ColorCorrects for sane values, and prints warnings to shell
    • Adds -d, --destination flag to the script, which allows user to specify the output directory converted files will be written to.
    • Adds --no-ouput flag to the script, which goes through the entire conversion process but doesn’t actually write anything to disk. Useful for troubleshooting, especially when combined with --check
    • Adds --halt flag to the script, which halts on errors that can be resolved safely (such as negative slope or power values)
  • Renames ColorCollectionBase to ColorCollection , since it will be used directly by both ccc and cdl.

  • Adds parse_ccc which returns a ColorCollection .

  • Adds write_ccc which writes a ColorCollection as a ccc file.

  • Adds parse_cdl which returns a ColorCollection .

  • Adds write_cdl which returns a ColorCollection as a cdl file.

  • ColorCollection is now a fully functional container class, with many attributes and methods.

  • Added ColorDecision , which stores either a ColorCorrection or ColorCorrectionRef , and an optional MediaRef

  • Added ColorCorrectionRef , which stores a reference to a ColorCorrection

  • Added parent attribute to ColorCorrection .

  • Calling sop_node or sat_node on a ColorCorrection before attempting to set a SOP or Sat power now works.

  • ColorCorrection cdl_file init argument renamed to input_file, which is now optional and able to be set after init.

  • parse_cc and parse_rnh_cdl now only yield a single ColorCorrection , not a single member list.

  • Added dev-requirements.txt (contains mock)

  • All determine_dest methods now take a second directory argument, which determines the output directory.

  • Adds sanity_check function which prints values which might be unusual to stdout.

  • parse_cdl and write_cdl renamed to parse_rnh_cdl and write_rnh_cdl respectively.

  • member_reset methods:
    • ColorCorrection now has a reset_members method, which resets the class level member’s dictionary.
    • MediaRef also has a reset_members method, as does ColorCollection
    • reset_all function calls all of the above reset_members methods at once.
  • Renamed cdl_file argument:
    • parse_cc cdl_file arg renamed to input_file and now accepts a either a raw string or an ElementTree Element as input_file.
    • parse_rnh_cdl cdl_file arg renamed to input_file.
    • parse_ale edl_file arg renamed to input_file.
    • parse_flex edl_file arg renamed to input_file.
  • Python Structure Refactoring
    • Moved HALT_ON_ERROR into the config module, which should now be referenced and set by importing the entire config module, and referencing or setting config.HALT_ON_ERROR
    • Script functionality remains in cdl_convert.cdl_convert, but everything else has been moved out.
    • AscColorSpaceBase , AscDescBase , AscXMLBase and ColorNodeBase now live under cdl_convert.base
    • ColorCollection now lives in cdl_convert.collection
    • ColorCorrection , SatNode and SopNode now live under cdl_convert.correction
    • ColorDecision , ColorCorrectionRef and MediaRef now live under cdl_convert.decision
    • All parse functions now live under cdl_convert.parse
    • All write functions now live under cdl_convert.write
    • sanity_check now live under cdl_convert.utils
    • reset_all now lives under the main module

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